Monday to Friday 6am-5pm

Saturday & holidays 8:30 am-3:30pm



Made with fresh fruit & bursting with natural vitamins & antioxidants 46


* add moringa superfood magic 10


energy bomb

mixed berries, seeds,

banana, ginger, yoghurt &

cranberry juice


delish detox

beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger & orange juice


tropical treat

cucumber, pineapple,

mint, basil, ginger & passion fruit juice


spinach zinger

pear, spinach, ginger, cucumber, celery & apple juice


summer passion

sweet melon, mint, carrot, ginger & passion fruit juice




café freddo

iced espresso frothed & served without milk 33


cappuccino freddo

iced cappuccino dream 37


moccaccino freddo

rcaffe iced cappuccino with added chocolate 40


cioccolata fredda

rcaffe iced chocolate

served either

regular 45 | white chocolate 49


iced tea

freshly made lemon and mint ice tea 49



vanilla 42 | chocolate 45

strawberry 50 | cappuccino 52




mango, orange, passion fruit, apple

26 regular 32 long glass



29 regular  36 long glass



mineral water still/sparkling 19

we also stock : coke, coke light, coke zero, tab, sprite, sprite zero, fanta orange, soda etc.





see boards on the wall

for our coffee selection


rcaffe coffee beans are for sale



beans can be ground for

plunger, filter or espresso.


dairy alternatives

almond milk

soya milk




ask our waiter for the selection of

wines available.



craft beer

cbc larger 55 | cbc Pilsner 55

cbc Amber Weiss 59



hunters dry 32

savanna dry 32


boozy shakes 54

* vanilla ice cream & caramel liquor

* choc ice cream with choc liquor

* vanilla ice cream, banana & rum

* vanilla ice cream, espresso &





white wine


fleur du cup sauvignon blanc

bottle 145 I glass 45

durbanville  sauvignon blanc

bottle 145 I glass 45

uitkyk chenin

bottle 190

fleur du cap chardonnay

bottle 190


red wine


durbanville cabernet sauvignon

bottle 145 I glass 47

place in the sun shiraz

bottle 145 I glass 47

allesverloren cabernet sav

bottle 250

uitykyk pinotage

bottle 250





lemon slammer

lemon, mint,vodka & triple-sec

slush 59


chi chi

pineapple, coconut, cream

& vodka 59


irish coffee

espresso, whiskey &

wipped cream 60


dom pedro

vanilla ice cream & amarula 59



frozen strawberries, rum

triple-sec & lime 59


long island iced tea

cola, gin, rum, triple-sec, vodka

& tequila 62






scrambled eggs on toast

with oven roasted cherry tomatoes 44

with crispy bacon 62

with smoked salmon 93


breakfast quickie

4 rashers of crispy bacon, 2 eggs scrambled, fried or poached.

garnish salad, served with homemade seed loaf 65


vegetarian quickie

2 eggs to order, oven roasted cherry tomatoes with basil, feta & avo served with our homemade seed loaf 65


farmers breakfast

crispy bacon, beef chipolatas, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, our freshly baked seed loaf and 3 eggs of your choice 93


omelette sensation

(All omelettes are filled with fresh herbs, danish feta & served with oven roasted rosa tomatoes, avo and

seed loaf)


* sautéed mushrooms 79

* bacon 87

* bacon and sautéed mushrooms 98

* smoked salmon 98


egg croissant

(served with moist scrambled eggs,

avo and rocket)

bacon 76 | smoked salmon 95


eggs benedict

english muffin topped with soft poached eggs and traditional hollandaise sauce

bacon 76 | smoked salmon 93


kitka french toast

with crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, oven roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs 88


croissant sarmie

with imported ementaler cheese, avo, oven roasted rosa tomatoes, basil pesto spread & fresh rocket 72


* or with parma ham 93


english muffin

* with streaky bacon, sun dried

tomato spread, scrambled eggs &

grilled cheddar cheese 75


* with smoked salmon, sun dried

tomato spread, scrambled eggs &

grilled mozzarella cheese 93



seasonal fruit, berry coulis, greek yoghurt & homemade toasted granola with honey, cranberries, seeds & nuts 67


croissants freshly baked every day

* plain 28

* homemade strawberry jam 35

* dark belgian chocolate 39


get going sarmie

fried egg, crispy bacon, sundried tomato spread and rocket served on ciabatta bread 59


italiano sarmie

buffalo mozzarella, pesto, tomato and basil served on ciabatta bread 59


omelette sarmie

fresh herb omelette with feta, tomato red and green pesto spread and rocket served on ciabatta 59


med sarmie

boiled egg, oven griled eggplant, goats cheese and fresh basil 59


breakfast wrap

scrambled eggs, avo, tomatoes, sautéed mushroom & crispy bacon 77





bacon and brie

with caramelized pears, sun-dried tomato spread and fresh rocket served on rosemary bread

large 98 | light 69 | wrap 98


ham and emmenthaler

gypsy ham, imported emmenthaler cheese, frilly lettuce, rocket, thinly sliced apple & apricot mustard relish, served on a ciabatta bread

large 98 | light 69 | wrap 98


rare roast beef

medium-rare oven roasted sirloin, lettuce, sun dried tomato, fresh tomato and rocket, served on whole wheat ciabatta.

large 103 | light 75 | wrap 103


oven roasted lamb wrap

with roasted veg, babaganoush, avo spread, tzaziki & fresh coriander 105


creamy goats cheese &

oven roasted eggplant

with roasted rosa tomatoes, soft boiled egg, sundried tomato spread, fresh basil & rocket, served on rosemary ciabatta

large 98 | light 69 | wrap 98


roasted veg mozzarella

roasted and marinated aubergine, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, fior de latte (buffalo mozzarella), marinated sun dried tomato, rocket and basil, served on herb ciabatta.

large 98 | light 69 | wrap 98


roast chicken breast

oven roasted chicken breast in honey, mustard and garlic with frilly lettuce, fresh basil, tomato, rocket & parmesan shavings served on herb ciabatta

large 98 | light 69 | wrap 98


salami and avocado

with brie cheese, fancy lettuce, rocket, sliced tomato, apricot mustard relish and gherkins served on ciabatta bread

large 103 | light 75 | wrap 103


smoked salmon & herb infused
cream cheese

with cucumber, fancy lettuce, capers, dill, sliced tomatoes, spanish onion & rocket leaves, served on whole wheat ciabatta

large 105 | light 75 | wrap 105





Oven roasted chicken breast salad

with toasted sesame seeds, avo, mature parmesan shavings, spanish onion, rosa tomatoes, cucumber, fresh herbs and lettuce selection, dressed with a honey mustard vinaigrette 102


l’entrecote salad

premium rare roast beef on a bed of lettuce, beet leaves, fresh herbs, rosa tomatoes cucumber, sun dried tomato avocado, & toasted pumpkin seeds, in honey mustard vinaigrette 109


goats cheese salad

roasted & marinated rosa tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine and sun dried tomatoes served on a bed of lettuce & fresh herbs toped with creamy goats milk cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds in a basil pesto dressing 103


smoked salmon salad

with soft boiled egg, avocado, oven roasted rosa tomatoes, cucumber, spanish onion, capers served on a bed of lettuce in a lemon & herb infused dressing 115


parma ham salad

with caramelized pears, gorgonzola cheese, toasted almond flakes & fresh rocket leaves drizzled with thyme oil & balsamic reduction 115


rocket and roasted butternut salad

with creamy goats cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds, crispy bacon caramelized onion drizzled with our homemade vinaigrette 95



summer pasta

penne tossed with fresh herbs, olive oil, garlic, chilli, sundried tomotoes, feta and rocket 88


oven roasted chicken penne

in a creamy mushrooms & truffel sauce, fresh herbs, toasted almond flakes and grated parmesan 102


pasta bolognese

beef mince in a homemade napoli sauce served on penne topped with fresh basil & grated parmesan 89


vegetable lasagna

fresh pasta sheets layered with

roasted veg in homemade napoli sauce, parmesan & creamy béchamel sauce topped with grilled mozzarella

cheese 85


meat lasagna

fresh pasta sheets layered with beef mince in homemade napoli sauce, parmesan & creamy béchamel sauce, complemented with grilled

mozzarella 88


butternut and feta quiche

oven roasted butternut in olive oil, garlic and sage, fused with danish feta and basil leaves served with a fresh herb salad 75


seasonal roasted vegetable bake

oven roasted vegetables in olive oil,

garlic & rosemary, fused with danish feta & fresh herbs served with Rcaffe garden salad 75





thai chicken curry

hai chicken curry

in coconut cream, aromatic spices & fresh coriander sprinkled with toasted almond flakes & served on

jasmine rice 95


crispy grilled lamb loins

marinated in garlic, rosemary and olive oil, served with oven roasted butternut, rocket & feta salad 145


chicken schnitzel

tender chicken breast marinated in lemon & herbs, coated in a herb crust, served with fresh herb salad or

potato wedges 105


sweet potato wedges

topped with creamy mushroom sauce, fresh basil leaves & grated mature parmesan 88


creamy tomato soup

oven roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, cream & grated parmesan 60



thai butternut soup

oven roasted butternut, coconut cream, aromatic spices, toasted pumpkin seads & fresh corriander 60




beef | chicken | veggie

with red pesto spread, paprika ayoli, frilly lettuce, grilled tomato, pickled cucumbers, spanish onions & rocket served with crispy potato wedges

or a fresh herb salad


* standard 82

* cheddar cheese 88

* avo 90

* bacon & cheese 98

* sautéed mushrooms & parmesan 98


bonanza burgers

* bacon, avo, caramelized onion &

   rocket 105

* cherry tomato & chilli relish, feta &

   basil 105

* sautéed mushrooms, blue cheese,

   caramelized onion & rocket 105



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